Sunday Magnolia

Sunday Magnolia is written about the great magnolia tree at the First Baptist Church in the small South Georgia town where I grew up. My friends and I would play for hours underneath her canopy, creating worlds of our own.

As children we’d play for hours
In the shade of an enormous magnolia
In the yard at First Baptist Church…

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Infinite Earth, What's Happening- Rewritten Hymn

Infinite Earth, what’s happening
To all your resources?
Abundant once for our use,
Now very limited.

Littered Earth, smothered by trash,
The land gasping for air,
Mountains of plastic rise from sea,
And animals despair.

Vanishing Earth, you’re melting,
Because our policy,

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Georgia Gnats

In the middle of summer,
gnats danced across my eyelids,
like a marching band under Friday night lights,
disrupted only by a gust of breath,
trumpeted out of a slit in perfectly pursed lips,
scattering the cloud of almost invisible but obnoxiously present insects.

They’d quickly return,

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