Infinite Earth, What's Happening- Rewritten Hymn

Infinite Earth, What’s Happening
Hymn: Creator God, Creating Still
Rewritten Words: Carra Greer 2018
Original words: Jane Parker Huber 1977
Music: William Croft 1708

Infinite Earth, what’s happening
To all your resources?
Abundant once for our use,
Now very limited.

Littered Earth, smothered by trash,
The land gasping for air,
Mountains of plastic rise from sea,
And animals despair.

Vanishing Earth, you’re melting,
Because our policy,
Was written by people who think

Limited Earth, you are precious,
And taken for granted
If stewards we desire to be,
our focus supplanted.

Precious Earth, we’ll care for you,
Your mountains and your seas
Your forests, deserts, rivers, streams,
Animals and trees.