Holy, Holy, Holy- Rewritten Hymn

Holy Holy Holy
REWRITTEN WORDS: Carra Greer, Rev., 2018
ORIGINAL WORDS: Reginald Heber, 1826
MUSIC: John B. Dykes, 1861

Holy holy holy
Lover of diversity, painting us colors— black, brown, beige, ivory.
Each of us made wholly,
Parts of your identity,
God-breathed, created equal and free. 

Holy holy holy 
Mother of humanity,
Many in our country taken from family. Separated fully—
Mother and baby,
Fled to this country for equality. 

Holy holy holy
Darkness surrounds me,
As I sit encaged crying for my family. 
When will I be set free?
Not ‘til white men see me,
As God created, loved and worthy. 

Holy holy holy
No wall can keep Thee,
From changing hearts and minds in our society. 
Stand against hypocrisy. 
Speak out politically. 
All people deserve life and liberty.