A Safe Space- Rewritten Hymn

A Safe Space
REWRITTEN WORDS: Carra Greer, Rev., 2018
Set to “A Mighty Fortress”
MUSIC: Martin Luther, ca. 1529

An open safe-space is our God,
A symbol ever changing,
Our helper God among the crowd,
Of children desperately wailing. 
They once were charged to learn,
But now they grow concerned,
Some kids are filled with hate—
They’re armed with guns and wait,
to snuff out life so precious.

Where did we fail our children so,
That school became like war fields?
They should be holding books to grow,
Instead their desks become shields. 
They watch their classmates die,
but many just sit by,
while laws remain the same,
Jesus would be ashamed. 
We must be moved to action.

Our kids deserve more from us,
We need to take action. 
Our thoughts and prayers are not enough,
There must be legislation. 
There’s so much left to do,
For victim and murderer too. 
We have failed them all. 
Now we must heed our call,
to stop all gun violence.

For The New York Times piece about Parkland a year later- https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/13/us/parkland-anniversary-marjory-stoneman-douglas.html