Feeling the Fall

I always felt my purpose. 
A call to this direction. 
Now I just don’t know. 
I feel exposed, without protection. 

I’m where I dreamed I wanted
But it’s not where I’m meant to be
I’m stuck in an endless cycle
Trying to break free

I’m drowning but there’s no water. 
Can’t breathe but I’ve got air. 
I’m alone in this crowd of people. 
Crying out but they don’t care. 
I don’t know exactly where to go
But I know exactly why
My hearts just not here anymore
And I’m too honest to lie.

I know I’ll be blamed
They’ll point fingers and call me names
But my reputation will remain the same 
Cause I’m not the one who’s changed. 

I’ve always stayed true
To the woman my folks raised
We’ve been through the fire a time or two
And learned never to be phased. 

Repeat chorus

Sometimes you’ve just got to jump
Even if no one’s there
It’s time to prove my real strength
And fall back into the air. 

It’s in the fall I realize, 
I never thought before
I was terrified of falling 
And never dreamed I would soar. 

New Chorus:
You won’t drown, jump in the water. 
You can breathe, fill your lungs with air. 
You’re not alone in this crowd of people
The ones who remain truly care
You know exactly where you’re going
And you’ve figured out why
Sometimes you have to feel the fall
To know that you can fly.  

Sometimes you have to feel the fall 
To know that you can fly.