Even Moderate Churches Don’t Want Women in Their Pulpits

Be sure to check out my article written as a Facebook post that Ethics Daily found worthy of a wider audience. I am truly grateful for their platform and support. Read it here… https://ethicsdaily.com/even-moderate-churches-dont-want-women-in-their-pulpits/

And for the many, many woman who have experienced any similar experiences, know I see you and hear you and validate your feelings of anger, betrayal, fear, and sadness. You are not alone. 🖤

The Genderfluid God of Scripture

Just to clear things up, I don’t have “daddy issues”. My relationship with my dad is wonderful. He and my mom are two of my favorite people. They raised me and my brothers to always question the things around us. They helped build the very foundations of my faith. They also had a wonderful mentor and teacher in church during their high school years in the 70’s, who taught them not to put their faith in a box. For my parents who always supported my curiosity, doubt, and resistance to conform, I am grateful.

I am one of those women, always side-eyed in church for changing “Father” to “Parent”/ “Creator” or “Him”/“He” to “God”. Occasionally, I’ll reference God as “Mother” or use the pronouns “Her” and “She”. I have used Divine One, Holy One, Divine Mother, Divine Parent, and Creator of All Things among many other terms. I don’t do this for attention, try purposefully to make others uncomfortable, or to make a theological statement. It isn’t for anyone else, contrary to what some cis-gendered males who bristle at the sound of a femine noun or pronoun being used for their Father God.

Beginning in seminary and continuing in the years to follow, my narrow view of God from my childhood began to bloom and blossom into something indescribable and life-giving for me. The more I understood about Biblical culture, studied the original Greek and Hebrew text, digested scripture, and learned to trust the whisper in the winds (the Rûaħ) on my spiritual journey about who/what/when/where/how/why God is, I discovered a Divine Presence much…

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Insta-Church vs. Authentic Church

We’ve all seen and experienced the Instagram Influencer on social media. Even if someone hasn’t been crowned an actual “Influencer”, we all have those friends who post every bit of their seemingly perfect lives online for all to see. They tag themselves in exotic places, eating in fancy restaurants, with lots of beautiful friends, and pose beside well behaved, smiling children. People have quickly caught on to the problem with this carefully curated persona some individuals are creating on social media…this isn’t real life.

Do these “picture perfect” people ever have a bad day? A zit? Cellulite? Trouble breastfeeding? Do they ever have a lazy day, with no workout, or skinny tea? Do bad things ever happen to them? Do they cry? Grieve? Have anxiety attacks? Do they have fat rolls anywhere? Or have to see a doctor for their acne, migraines, mental health issues, or itching you-know-where? Do their kids ever scream, cry, or wipe poop all over the nursery wall? Does their breath smell bad? Are their homes really this clean all the time? Who are these robots?

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Following a Lost Leader

I have been enthralled with the story of a missing young woman in the Pacific Northwest since mid-August 2018; so much so, I wrote an article about her for Nancy Grace’s website, Crime Online (If you’re interested, you can find the link to my article on the publications page.). The experienced hiker left for a solo day hike on August 1st on a difficult but manageable trail. Many hikers recounted seeing her, speaking with her, and one had a video from his hike in which she could be seen in the background in no duress. Large search parties with trained searchers and dogs, helicopters with infrared imaging, and drones with cameras were used in one of the largest and longest searches in the history of the area, but the search was unsuccessful. She is still missing today, somewhere in the vast wilderness around Vesper Peak, nearly a year later.

While some can read a news story and stay emotionally detached, I cannot so easily turn away from stories like this one. I have dedicated over 36 hours to examining video drone footage and scouring pictures taken from all angles of the mountainside, looking for even the smallest clues to help rescuers find this young woman. My husband questioned me a lot in the beginning, “Why are you searching so much?” And I began to question myself too... Why am I so captivated with this story?

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Another Man's Trash is a Woman's Emotional Garbage

I spent several days last week wading through the deep waters of another woman’s sexual harassment and stalking experience. There were pages upon pages of typed notes, collections of years of trauma and psychological torment. They were raw and vulnerable-- her tattered story stripped down to only the worst parts. I read every word… over and over and over again.

I never would have imagined a decade ago this woman and I would be such close friends. It was an accidental friendship that began with

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